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I totally forgot to post the winning pig poems! You all did an awesome job of trying your hands at haikus and limericks. But there could only be 3 winners, and here they are…

Steph’s haiku is so very haiku-ish, I just loved it:


You can’t go wrong with this saucy limerick from Gwen (well, not if you’re me):


And finally – my favorite one – so clever!!! Thanks, Michelle:


Remember each of these poets have won the summer SURPRISE stationery pack for themselves and a friend. But there is still time to order one even if you didn’t win this contest. If you want a fantastical stationery surprise in your mailbox, you’ve got until Tuesday, 7/16 to get in on the fun. (Yes, that got extended – this time because we are a bit behind on our goal of raising lots of ca$h for Pigs Peace Sanctuary.) Help!

Thank you again for all the great entries. What do you think? Did I pick some good ones?


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please do not feed the animals

Check out this excellent envelope by Sara Israel of Newton, Massachusetts. The prompt for this one was “It’s a zoo in there!” She put the address on the back of the translucent envelope so that you can easily see the image through it:


Inside is a hand-cut, gate-folding card
that opens up into 3 parts, each revealing part of the story…


I love how pissed off the animals look. (Except for the photobombing giraffe.)


Open the gate… Let them out…


And see what they’ve done.
Yep, that’s a snake holding the zookeeper hostage.

I love this one! Thanks, Sara :)

PS. Don’t forget to enter our Pig Haiku Give Away before Monday night.  Here’s my favorite so far.  Can you beat it???



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Don’t be grumpy! We’re giving away free stuff!

grumpy-cat-envelopeGrumpy Cat Envelope and Notebook, by Cara Giusti of New Jersey

Write a nice little piggy-related haiku or limerick. Type it into the comments section below by midnight PST on Monday, July 1. Let’s limit it to 1 haiku and 1 limerick per person.

The top 3 entries (as judged by moi!) will each win 2 of our Seasonal Stationery Subscriptions ($50 value). One for you (the winner), and one for you to gift to a friend. (This is the summer mailing benefiting Pigs Peace Sanctuary and shipping out around July 10.)

Make your entry funny or deep (or both? Are you that good??). Whatever you’re in the mood for! Haikus must be the 5/7/5 kind. (Count those syllables.)

And GO!

PS: Remember that this whole thing is about being nice to pigs, so entries involving bacon worship aren’t going to win. :)


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Did I mention you are AWESOME?

I almost forgot! You need a recap of that crazy cat thing we were doing way back when I last blogged. It went so, so swimmingly, and there’s more to come!

You may recall that my goal was to raise $1000 for Purrfect Pals. We made it to $700. Not too shabby, considering I pulled that number out of my you-know-what. About 70 of you totally came through by ordering Surprise Stationery Subscriptions, and I was able to have a fantastic time making your first surprise. I want to do a whole epic blog post with pictures of how and what I made (it was quite the process), but that’s going to have to wait until I have a bit more time. For now, here’s a sneak peek at Ginger Kitty:

cat letterpress cards


He is a bit lonely though. He needs a friend. A little pink piglet perhaps? Well he’s in luck: The Summer edition of the Subscription is due to ship out the first week of July, and it benefits Pigs Peace Sanctuary. There is still time to order one for yourself. I have it allll planned out, and it’s going to be a ton of hard, fun work. If you liked the Kitty edition… well… you’ll see!

Thank you again for your support – it truly means the world to me (and the animals).


purrfect pals rocks!


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ye auld blog thang

Oh blogging… you are one of those things that I mean to do, I want to do, but somehow, you get pushed to the side. And pushed some more. And covered up. With envelopes. (Pretty ones, but still…) And before you know it I’m avoiding you because it’s been too long to go back to where we left off – at least not without apologizing. And that is annoying. I’m sorry. (See???)

But I’m back. And with a vengeance. Last week I attended Schoolhouse Craft’s first annual Bloggers’ Summer Camp. I did it on a whim. A friend was going, and I figured we could carpool, and I knew if I went I would not only learn a lot, but that it would light a fire under me to actually log into my WordPress dashboard. The rest, as they say, is history.

The camp was awesome – I learned a lot and met all these fine panelists:

(Including my web site designer Arianne of Aeolidia, and Not Martha!)

I also came out with a whole bunch of to-dos:

  1. Get a decent camera and learn how to use it. (HELP!)
  2. Finally do battle with Photoshop actions.
  3. Set up an editorial calendar.
  4. Post about once per week, but don’t feel obligated just because it’s Wednesday or something.
  5. Make potato salad. (Their lunch was tasty!)

Lots more stuff that is involved and will overwhelm me if I list it. Basically, I’m gonna be changing some stuff. AGAIN! It’ll be good.

If you have a crafty blog or a creative business, and are in the Seattle area, check out Schoolhouse Craft’s offerings. I’ll be attending their Annual Fall Conference in September – let me know if you’re going, and maybe we can eat potato salad (and get our $#*!) together.



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thank you

Cat week was fun. It was kinda like a PBS pledge drive, wasn’t it? (Only you actually bought something. HA!) 

Or maybe you didn’t just yet? There’s still a tiny bit of time. Sales for the spring release will end sometime this week. I’m not sure which day (depends!), but very soon, the “Spring (Purrfect Pals)” option won’t be here for you to choose (nor will the full year at the discounted price). So if you kept putting it off, now is really the time!

I’m going to do a little blog hibernating until spring is here – lots going on – wedding projects, envelopes to elevate, and this whole cat-themed SURPRISE thing to pull off. But I’ve already started getting mail from the latest exchange, so I’ll be back in a couple of weeks with lots more mail art and letterpress stuff to share.

In the meantime, you can catch me on Instagram and Pinterest and Facebook if you like. THANKS AGAIN for all the orders, shares, comments, etc. during CAT WEEK. I hope I didn’t lose to many dog people :)


Cat Envelope

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pigs and donkeys and dogs

Oh my… It turns out I am not AMAZING at Cat Week… I didn’t get to posting Sunday and Monday, but I doubt you were sitting there hitting refresh, dying for me to do so. (Hello? Is this thing even on??!!)

Today I want to briefly go over the other charities Ephemera is helping out in 2013 with our Surprise Stationery Subscription, plus where we’re at with each one. Yes, it did, in fact, occur to me that not everyone is a cat person, so I thought I better let some other furry friends represent. Here’s a rundown on how your order of a summer, fall or winter subscription will go towards helping other animals in need:

SUMMER: Pigs Peace

Founder Judy Woods and Curly

I really thought this one would be a tough sell, but it’s going great! We’re over 30% of the way to reaching our goal, and we have until the beginning of June to make it all the way. Turns out people love pigs! And they should. Pigs are pretty amazing creatures: intelligent, gentle, kind, and cute in my opinion. Judy Woods founded Pigs Peace Sanctuary in 1994 after learning that most shelters don’t help the many pigs in need (due to the fad of pet pigs, and farm animal abuses). The sanctuary boasts 39 acres in Stanwood, Washington, where the rescued pigs can root, explore, choose where to sleep, and enjoy the life they were meant to have.

And they welcome visitors! They’re closed for a couple more months, but as soon as it warms up, I’m headed up to Stanwood with a few friends and a lot of peanuts to meet the pigs (pigs love peanuts!). In the meantime, I’m going to have to check out Vegan Haven, their affiliated vegan grocery store in the University district. If you’re in the Seattle area, you should pay both a visit as well.

To send some much needed cash to Judy and the pigs (while getting some cute piggy letterpress stationery in return), just check the Summer – Pigs Peace box when you order!

FALL: Pasado’s

Pasado prancing in happier days.

I had the pleasure of attending a workshop at Pasado’s Safe Haven a few months ago, and I’m dying to go back and explore more if I can. It was founded over 20 years ago when little Pasado the donkey was cruelly beaten and killed by 3 teenage boys at his home, Kelsey Creek Farms in Bellevue, WA.

I’ll give you a second.

I have always, always, always loved donkeys. I don’t know why. They just seem like they want hugs from me 100% of the time – like maybe that should be my job. :) So this story really pissed me off. Since that awful night, the people at Pasado’s Safe Haven have worked tirelessly to advocate for animals and toughen animal abuse laws. Let’s send these awesome people some CA$H.

To help them out with cash later this fall (while getting some adorable donkey-themed letterpress stationery in return), just check the Fall – Pasado’s box when you order! We’re about 25% of the way there, and we have until September to get to 100%.

WINTER: Old Dog Haven

Good work!

Old Dog Haven is not a place you can visit… it’s everywhere! This network of foster homes is scattered throughout the greater Seattle area, and specializes in caring for abandoned senior dogs. It’s a sad fact that older animals have a much lower chance of being adopted. I get it. Puppies are cute. And it’s no crime to want a long life with your new pet – senior dogs may only have a few years before you have to say goodbye. Or perhaps the potential for expensive health issues scares us off. It’s no surprise that it’s hard to find them homes. Still, they do deserve it. Old Dog Haven says:

“Our goal is that their last years are happy and that they die safe and at peace, knowing they are loved. Wouldn’t we all wish this for our own pets, and for ourselves?”

Vet care gets expensive for these pups! To help Ephemera send them a big check this winter (while getting lots of doggy-themed letterpress stationery in return), just check the Winter – Old Dog Haven box when you order. We’re about 25% of the way there, and we have until December to get to 100%. I KNOW we can do this!

Thank you!

Thanks again for reading and for your support of this wild little project. We’re about 60% of the way to our Spring goal for Purrfect Pals. Will you help us get all the way there? Spring subscriptions are set to be mailed out March 14, so that only leaves 10 more days to get in on the action!


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