The Elevated Envelope II – *Sign up now!*

Are you ready?  Of course you are!  We had so much fun last summer exchanging creative, artsy pieces of mail with random surprises inside.  (Here’s your evidence.)  I for one am ready to do it again.  Here are the new “rules.” Short and sweet:

  • Rule #1: No theme.  Do whatever you want.
  • Rule #2: It must be more handmade than not.
  • Rule #3: Enclose a surprise in the envelope that complements your design and tells us why and how you made it.
  • Rule #4: Envelopes must be postmarked by May 1st. (You can sign up until February 17, and lists will be distributed by February 20.)
  • Rule #5: You’ve gotta BRING IT!  Last time we had some people that went WAY above and beyond – I liked that.  Someone wove envelopes.  Someone else quilted them.  Another one made paper and then turned the paper into an envelope.   It blew me away.  I know a lot of you who are participating again were wanting to step it up. I welcome this!

***If this is your first time participating, please read this.  It contains more info on what on earth The Elevated Envelope even is, and expands on all the rules above.***

What’s in it for you?

Checking the mail will be fun again. You can experiment with new media you’ve been meaning to try. It’s satisfying. You’ll make new friends. They’ll inspire you. You’ll get out of your own head and not only finish something, but literally SEND IT OUT into the world. And you’ll be glad you did.

Oh and there will be prizes this time!  But I’ll detail those another day…

Whatcha waiting for?  Sign up now!

***If you are one of the 52 people who already signed up by updating your Ephemera Mailing List profile, then thank you! No need to complete another form.  I’ve already got you down, and have sent you another message requesting more info. (Go check your email!)***


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