be mine (oh yes you will)

The new and gorgeous LOVE RIBBONS stamps are now available!

From USPS: Louise Fili designed the stamp, illustrated by Jessica Hische. Derry Noyes was the art director.

In case you don’t know, Jessica Hische is a rock star designer who I believe is getting married this year.  How freakin’ cool would it be to use real USPS stamps that you designed on your own wedding invitations?


The rest of us will have to settle for just buying them – a fair compromise.  And as of today, yes, you can get your hands on some.  So cute!  There are also quite a few recent releases on the USPS shop.  Check them all out here.

Happy Groundhog Day!

PS. Of course, I just ordered stamps yesterday. Oh wah.  Next time!

PPS. Still taking sign-ups for The Elevated Envelope II!  Totally awesome turn out so far.  Join us?

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