Just a quick one today (I’m out printin’ stuff).

constellation envelope

Simple and sweet constellation envelope by Kelley Lubovich of Virginia.  I love the surprise of the sunburst enclosure.  There’s a nice little note from her written on it.  Here’s what Kelley wrote about herself when she signed up:

I am a non-profit manager in Washington DC, in serious need of a creative outlet. I love paper, hope to get into letterpress, and think the mail is all-together too boring these days. I want to play too!

I agree!  And you know, this is a pretty fast way to add that extra something to anything you’re sending out – birthday cards, etc.  Do doodle, dudes.

Glad you joined us, Kelley :)

7 days to deadline. (I should probably figure out what I’m doing.)

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11 responses to “constellation

  1. Amy Morgan

    um, hey, tara, will you tell kelley that i’m a copy editor in d.c., obsessed with letterpress, a lover of paper AND pencils … and maybe we should get coffee sometime? ;)

  2. I received one of these envelopes and it is super fun! :)

  3. Glad I’m not the only one who hasn’t started :)

  4. camelama

    It soothes me to see Tara is still cogitating. :) I just need to carve out that precious non-family, non-laundry, non-reading, non-cat, non-work, non-sleep crafting time! I really must perfect that “crafting in my sleep” skill….

    • Ha! See, I kind of feel it is my duty to procrastinate so that the rest of you feel less alone. With that said, I *just* figured out what to do. Sunday is going to be the production day!

  5. Bee

    I received one of these envelopes and I have mine framed, it was that beautiful and special. ♡ Tara’s creativity and candy selections!

  6. Hurrah! My envelopes are on their way now ! ! ! <3

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