thank you

Cat week was fun. It was kinda like a PBS pledge drive, wasn’t it? (Only you actually bought something. HA!) 

Or maybe you didn’t just yet? There’s still a tiny bit of time. Sales for the spring release will end sometime this week. I’m not sure which day (depends!), but very soon, the “Spring (Purrfect Pals)” option won’t be here for you to choose (nor will the full year at the discounted price). So if you kept putting it off, now is really the time!

I’m going to do a little blog hibernating until spring is here – lots going on – wedding projects, envelopes to elevate, and this whole cat-themed SURPRISE thing to pull off. But I’ve already started getting mail from the latest exchange, so I’ll be back in a couple of weeks with lots more mail art and letterpress stuff to share.

In the meantime, you can catch me on Instagram and Pinterest and Facebook if you like. THANKS AGAIN for all the orders, shares, comments, etc. during CAT WEEK. I hope I didn’t lose to many dog people :)


Cat Envelope

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One response to “thank you

  1. Beautiful calligraphy. Very distinct. One of a kind. It reminds me of another century.

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