Don’t be grumpy! We’re giving away free stuff!

grumpy-cat-envelopeGrumpy Cat Envelope and Notebook, by Cara Giusti of New Jersey

Write a nice little piggy-related haiku or limerick. Type it into the comments section below by midnight PST on Monday, July 1. Let’s limit it to 1 haiku and 1 limerick per person.

The top 3 entries (as judged by moi!) will each win 2 of our Seasonal Stationery Subscriptions ($50 value). One for you (the winner), and one for you to gift to a friend. (This is the summer mailing benefiting Pigs Peace Sanctuary and shipping out around July 10.)

Make your entry funny or deep (or both? Are you that good??). Whatever you’re in the mood for! Haikus must be the 5/7/5 kind. (Count those syllables.)

And GO!

PS: Remember that this whole thing is about being nice to pigs, so entries involving bacon worship aren’t going to win. :)

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59 responses to “PIG HAIKU GIVE AWAY !

  1. Piggy with the curly tail
    Sees delicious mud.
    Roll piggy, roll piggy, roll.

    • This is 7/5/7, but I’ll allow it because you must know something I don’t know (O purveyor of cute, clever, crafty goods from Japan!)

      • marisaomiyage

        It’s an upside down (or inside out?) haiku.
        I guess I was so excited about piggy haikus that I forgot the first rule of haiku.
        Or something.

  2. There once was a piggy named Pete
    who couldn’t stand mud on his feet.
    One would hear squeals and squawks and hoots
    until they put on his boots.

    (I’ve been obsessed with the image since I saw it. Google “Pig in Boots”.)

  3. orianahh

    Reblogged this on Oriana's Postal Network & Blog and commented:
    Two amazing things combined in one :)

  4. Pat Jernberg

    Potbellied pig, with your cute little snout,
    Rooting and wiggling and strutting about;
    Tell me truly,if you dare,
    Is that really a bow on your hair?

  5. Suzanne

    Do we get 1 of each or just 1 or the other? ;)

    Here’s my limerick entry…

    There once lived a piggy named Paul
    Who always hung out at the mall
    He always would squeal
    When he scored a great deal
    The smart, thrifty piggy, named Paul.

  6. Marg

    Pigs are kind of pink.
    And cute and cuddly, I think.
    Let’s play in the mud!

  7. Cynthia

    To the beach went a piggy named Aiken
    To have a relaxing vacation.
    He ran to the water,
    With a squeal and a holler
    “I’m so gosh durned hot that I’m bacon!”

  8. Suzanne Schiavoni

    I love fat piggies.
    They make me giggle out loud.
    Wish I had a farm.

  9. The pig, he doth stink.
    He bathes in slop, mud, and poo.
    Oinks and squeals all day.

  10. Anne Bryant

    Grateful to the pig,
    Whose part beats in my dad’s heart—
    Thanks cute little dude.

  11. Grace

    Piglet and Winnie the Pooh
    Had fun playing amongst the autumn leaves.
    Their friendship continues to blossom.

    • Don’t forget it’s supposed to be 5/7/5! :)

      • Grace

        Isn’t it 5/7/5?

      • Oh… I see – you did words, but it’s meant to be 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables. Actually, it’s fine – I’ve decided to relax the rules anyway! Plus, haiku is even more subtle than mere syllables apparently. There is much to learn about haiku :)

      • Grace

        I see. Ok, I came up with another.

        Pigs should drink Red Bull
        Because the drink gives them wings.
        Flying pigs are cute

  12. Lovely Little Pig
    Happy in the gloppy mud
    Does not judge my poem


  13. Suzanne Schiavoni

    My limerick attempt:

    There once was a pig named Pink,
    Who desperately needed a drink.
    He searched far and near,
    For a bottle of beer,
    Only to find one tossed in the sink!

    (Poor Pink!)

  14. There once was a pig from Nantucket
    Who got his head stuck in a bucket
    The geese, they did laugh,
    But the pig, who was crass,
    Said to the geese, “you can suck it”

    If you don’t want to post this, I totally understand, but it made me laugh, so I thought I would enter. :)

  15. From Else-Maria Tennesen:

    Your snout it snuffles
    For large and pungent truffles
    Step softly, pink friend

  16. Jennifer D.

    Dear piggy hello
    Your cute little fuzzy self
    Let’s cuddle and hug

  17. Joelle

    Squealing in my face
    Snorting everything in site
    Little piggy loves

  18. Tara, here are both of my entries, haiku and limerick.:

    There once was a pig from Peru
    With a mind like a modern guru
    He longed for a pen
    (Not the kind that he lived in)
    With which he could spend
    The rest of his life writing Haiku.

    (I hope it’s not like a joke, where if you have to explain it it wasn’t very good)

  19. Palest softest color pink
    Napping in the sun
    You bring a smile sweet piglet

  20. emily claire

    Look past the bacon
    Of this fine pink Suidae
    Join in mud rolling

  21. charity

    The piggy is pink
    A belly filled with gold coins
    A heart filled with love

  22. Pig pig piggy poo
    On my brand new gilded shoes
    In heels I’ll catch you

    So I think I need to explain a bit.
    My grandma has a story from her younger days.
    She was just coming home from church (i think it was) and discovered the pigs had gotten out and were loose in the neighbor’s field. She hopped out of her car and chased after the pigs – all dressed up and in brand new high heeled sparkly gold shoes! To this day grandma and her sisters call glitzy gold shoes “pig chasin’ shoes.”

  23. A piggy is not Pork
    a cow is not beef
    eat your vegetables

  24. Faith

    Pudgy clouds wisp by
    Curly tails and squeaky squeals
    In dreams pigs do fly

  25. Charlotte wrote Wilbur
    Humble, Some Pig, Terrific,
    Web Calligraphy


  26. Porcine snout sniffing.
    He’s not a picky eater,
    This pink farm-roamer.

  27. Julie H

    oh! today I am
    happier than a pig in
    you know what. (mud, right?)

  28. Mandy Bailey

    Visayans Warty’s
    Are pigs with a cool Mohawk
    I want to bring home

  29. Sara U

    Tip to the pink pig
    Your snout does not belong there
    Please remove it now

  30. Julie Beard

    Oink, Protests Piggy
    Oink Oink Oink! Responds Mommy
    Goodnight, Sighs Piggy.

  31. Noreen Keane Hernandez

    There once was a piglet from Mayo
    Predestined to become breakfast bacon!
    Oh! Begosh and Begorra!
    “NO way!” Shouted Tara
    I’ll take him to Redmond’s Safe Haven!”

    Oh! Lucky little piggie
    Oinking happily
    and playing in muddy sties!

    GUESS WHO???

  32. Randi S

    beautiful mother sow
    tiny, wriggling piglets climb
    over others – content.

  33. Pigs are soft and pink
    Intelligent and sweeter
    on farm than my plate

  34. If a piggy squeals
    And no one’s there to hear it
    We all feel the love

    • jhitomi

      oops I mistakenly entered twice. I didn’t think this one went through. Tried to delete it but don’t know how. Sorry about that!

  35. Oh poor little average piggy,
    who wence he crawled from his poo
    cried oh to hell with haiku

  36. Cathy Moore

    pert ears, curly tails
    pigs: stylishly swinish from
    beginning to end

    There once was a pig from New York
    who didn’t aspire to be pork.
    She discovered a diet
    and decided to try it:
    she just had to put down her fork.

  37. jhitomi

    There once was a pig from Hawaii
    Who loved to lie on her lanai
    She was invited, you know
    to a luau (don’t go!)
    Let’s hang out and eat cherry pie!

    Woe the Pig Haiku
    How to get the swine essence
    in just a few words?

  38. Richard McKee

    When pigs fly, will six
    Degrees of separation
    Save Kevin’s bacon?