please do not feed the animals

Check out this excellent envelope by Sara Israel of Newton, Massachusetts. The prompt for this one was “It’s a zoo in there!” She put the address on the back of the translucent envelope so that you can easily see the image through it:


Inside is a hand-cut, gate-folding card
that opens up into 3 parts, each revealing part of the story…


I love how pissed off the animals look. (Except for the photobombing giraffe.)


Open the gate… Let them out…


And see what they’ve done.
Yep, that’s a snake holding the zookeeper hostage.

I love this one! Thanks, Sara :)

PS. Don’t forget to enter our Pig Haiku Give Away before Monday night.  Here’s my favorite so far.  Can you beat it???


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2 responses to “please do not feed the animals

  1. CMN

    The Zoo-themed envelope & card are brilliant! Wish I’d thought of that one… :)

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